Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Oh, Blogger, Where Art Thou?

You know, blogging really seems like it would be something right up my alley. I love to write. I love computers. I love things that look pretty and organized and include words. I even like the physical act of typing. So why am I not a more active blogger?

Well, there's Facebook: I get on the computer with the intention of completing various tasks (answer those e-mails, write that packing list, check on airline tickets) and end up updating my status. Often. And reading my "newsfeed." Next thing I know, it's time to make dinner, or help the kids, or clean up cat puke, or what-have-you, and all those things I intended to, including perhaps drafting a wise and witty blog entry, just don't seem to happen.

Also, there's focus. As in, lack of. What is the purpose of my blog? Maybe I need to focus on something. Successful bloggers seem to have a basic premise, a predominant theme which laces the whole blog together. Mine is... well.... me. And while navel-gazing may be of interest to me, even I, in my myopic ways, know that that isn't enough of a reason to blog.

So I don't know. Should I make this a Blog With A Purpose? Or just occasionally pop in willy-nilly and record the funny quips my kids say, and the occasional angst session I need to get out?

I don't know. But it was fun being here a few minutes, all the same.