Monday, July 23, 2012

The Rest Is Yet Unwritten...

Wow, I suck at keeping a blog! Maybe it's because I've chosen no overall focus - unlike other bloggers, who focus on organizing or dieting or product reviews or the like, I've kept this one kind of, well, random.

Hopefully this fall that will change. Not because you all are dying to read everything I write, and not because I'm suddenly clear on what I want to do here. But because come this fall, I am going to dedicate at least 1.5 hours a day to writing. It can be on my books - the one I've already started, or other ideas in my head -, it can be on a non-fiction topic, it can be a blog post (or several). But it's going to happen. I'm excited! I'm nervous! I'm still lacking in focus here!

So perhaps we will see this blog evolve into a chronicling of my attempts to write a "real" book. Perhaps it will be musings on my children, or ramblings from my head on various topics (deep and incredibly shallow) that interest me. But it's gonna happen. You've been warned. Hee hee hee.