Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Unintentional Almost-Bikini Wax

I have this pair of jeans I like a lot. So much so that I wore holes through them at the inner thigh (those of you who, ahem, have a bit of junk in the trunk - or at least the thighs - may have also experienced similar travesties). But I didn't want to get rid of the jeans, so I decided to patch them. Woo hoo! Problem solved! Except I don't like to iron. Hey, no biggie - I have some press-on patches here in the closet - no need for ironing, just trim to the right size, remove the backing, and you can fix your item in an instant! Yay!

Well, guess what? If you wear holes through your jeans the first time in certain areas, the patches placed in said certain areas may also rub. They may rub loose. They may rub loose and then ADHERE TO YOUR INNER THIGHS. You may not notice this until you try to remove said jeans to use the facilities, and suddenly feel as if you've ripped a bandaid off of a rather tender area.