Monday, May 3, 2010

Priorities, Priorities

So Eleanor announced to me today that for her 4th birthday, she was going to buy the big pink Barbie Jeep she had sat in recently at Toys 'R Us. I guess this was her way of saying she wanted to put it on her birthday list (since the kid doesn't have 2 cents to rub together). The conversation went as follows:

Mom: "The Barbie Jeep sounds cool! But it's pretty big, so I don't think we're going to get that for your birthday."
Eleanor, whining: "But I wan it!"
Mom: "I know you do, honey. And you'll get some nice presents. But the Jeep is too expensive."
Eleanor, whining more: "No it's not! I wike it!"
Mom: "Yes, honey, it's too much money - they cost like $200, and we need to save our money to pay for things like our food, our clothing, and our house."
Eleanor, disgusted: "Mom, our HOUSE is too *BIG*!"

Whoever said one should try reasoning with a 3 year old? And I'm glad to see she's willing to sacrifice her living space for a sharp set of wheels. Priorities, mom. Priorities.

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