Saturday, July 30, 2011

Blog Blog Blog

Gee whiz, I haven't been here in a while. And the thing is, I really want to blog. Not for you. For me. O.K., a little for you - whoever you are - because a blog without an audience is really just a diary, and if I want a pure diary experience I ought not post online.

Still, what gives? I don't know. I feel I lack focus here, but who says I need focus anyway?

Here is what I'm busy with and may soon blog about:

1. Genealogy - I've always WANTED to work on my family history, but now I've actually started to.
2. eBay & online selling - I've fallen in love with the idea of being able to do this again (I was an active seller for a few years before Ellie was born) - to earn a little extra money for the family without having to commit to a job outside the home (and outside our own schedule), while also using skills I actually really enjoy using - shopping! bargain hunting! photography! writing copy! using the computer! printing labels and mailing things! (Yes, I really do enjoy that...) I even created my own logo - whee haw!
3. Trying to figure out what else to do with life now that both of my kids are about to be in school full-time.
4. Spending time with said kids, encouraging them to be more active and in general trying to "play" more. I don't "play" well, but I'm working on it some.
5. Working out. Actually, I'm in a lull, far off my energetic pace of the spring. It will come back - it HAS to come back. But summers are always hard for me in terms of motivation - it's just too darn hot for me to want to sweat ON PURPOSE.
6. Traveling - AWESOME trip to Kansas and Iowa to see family this summer. Great trip to the New Jersey shore (excepting the first few days, in which I was seriously feverish). Makes me realize how much I miss family.

So that's it. My quest for blog focus and blog perseverance continues. Not that anybody besides me cares. Bwah ha ha.

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