Saturday, September 27, 2014

The Personal Versus The Professional

I'd basically given up blogging here, focusing instead on building my author website ( and my writerly presence in the online world.

That's wonderful, and it's something I need to do. But I'm also realizing that there are many things about which I'd like to write (mostly for my own benefit) that wouldn't and shouldn't belong on a public, professional(esque) website.

So I might come back here. Re-reading some of my previous entries, it's startling to notice that much of what I angst about, struggle with, want to change hasn't, um, changed. Perhaps that's not unusual - most of us probably have certain issues that remain lifelong struggles. It is a bummer, though.

Anyway, I just felt like popping in to say that while Margaret is quite busy (I've finished A Man of Character, edited it several times, had beta readers look at it, and am now submitting it to agents), Anne is still in here, too. And Anne has her own voice that still longs to be heard.

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