Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Hypochondriac In Me Is Alive And Kicking

I've always been a bit of a hypochondriac. It's not something I'm proud of, or a trait I like about myself, it just is. So yesterday, when I woke up bone tired, took many naps, and yet still felt bone tired - well, by 3:00 I had myself convinced it was something terrible. I was convinced it was related to prediabetes or PCOS or something to do with being at my fattest I've ever been - clearly I'm just exhausted because I weigh so damn much! Maybe it's sleep apnea - fat people get that, you know! I knew I hadn't eaten well, so it must be related to eating white flour and sugar, when was I ever going to learn? And since my leg has been bothering me a bit, I was convinced there was something to that - that obviously I was going downhill with this extreme fatigue and slight leg pain and maybe I needed to consider gastric bypass surgery? Or maybe I had deep vein thrombosis. Then I started remembering I had read that often women who have heart attacks don't know it because the symptoms are usually less obvious, like fatigue or upset stomach, and wasn't I exhausted and spending time in the bathroom? Maybe I was having a heart issue! I'd better check my pulse...

So by mid-afternoon I was convinced I was the fattest, laziest person on the planet suffering from leg pain and sleep apnea because of my girth, feeling exhausted because of my crappy food intake, convinced I was showing signs of diabetes or heart disease, or what have you.

Turns out I think I'm just sick. Duh. Yes, some of those other things are things I have been and should be concerned about, but I don't think they are what laid me low yesterday.

However, I'm convinced that TOMORROW that's what's gonna get me.

Out, out, damned hypochondriasm, out!

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