Friday, November 12, 2010

Mother, Can You Spare A Dime?

An excerpt from my afternoon.

The scene: driving home from Walmart. We are two minutes from home. I am entering the left turn lane to turn into our neighborhood.

Ellie: "Mom, I'm sorry I put dat coin in my moufh."
Mom: "What?!? You put the coin you found in the parking lot into your mouth? Did you take it out? Take it out!"
Ellie: "I can't! It's stuck!"
Mom: "What do you mean, it's stuck? Did you swallow it?"
Ellie, beginning to whimper: "No, it's stuck! I can't get it"

I look into the rearview mirror and see the dime stuck perpendicularly in my daughter's bottom teeth.

Mom: "You put it in there and bit on it, didn't you?"
Ellie, crying: "Yeth! Get it out!!!"
Mom: "I can't, honey, I'm driving the car. Don't swallow it!"
Ellie, wailing: "I wan it out!"
Mom: "We're almost home, I can help you then - right now I'm driving the car!"

Ellie, crying. Then calmer: "Oh, I got it out."
Mom, reaching back: "Hand me the coin."
Ellie, whining: "I don want to!"
Mom: "Give - Me - The - Coin."
Ellie: "But I wan it!!!"
Mom: "When you stick coins in your mouth, you are not old enough to have coins in your possession."
Ellie, throwing a tantrum: "It's not fair!"

And how was  YOUR afternoon?

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