Thursday, November 11, 2010

Words From The Back Seat

A recent conversation from the car:

Brett: *grumpy sigh at stop light.* *grumpy sigh at next stop light* *grumpy sigh and slouch at third stop light*
Anne: "My, my, my, you're sure grouchy about the lights today."
Brett: "No, I'm not."
Anne, laughing: "Well, you're throwing hissy fits like you are."
Brett: "This is not a hissy fit."
Anne, chuckling: "Yes, it is."
Brett, wryly: "No, it's not - look up the definition of hissy fit and you'll see that this is not it!"

Jefferson (in monotone voice, as if taking dictation): "Look - up - hissy - fit."
Eleanor, from the back row of the van: "*I* will look up 'hissy fit' when we get home because I'm a 'PUTER EXPERT!"

O.K., it cracked us all up. And ended the stoplight sighing.

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