Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tales From The Backseat

Jeff wanted to sit in his regular middle-row van seat on the way home from school today. I explained to him that he either needed to move over to the other seat (normally Ellie's, but she's been opting to ride in the back row lately), or he could move back next to Ellie, since his van door was the only one that opened from the inside (yeah, um, the state of the van is another story...) and we needed our carpool kid to sit there, since he gets out first. Jeff did not like this, but he very begrudgingly moved to the back row.

"Why won't you just sit in the other middle seat?" I asked him.
"Because that's ELLIE's seat," he replied.
"No it's not," I answered. "It's for whoever feels like sitting there!"
"Well, Ellie's been sitting there for a million years and it's all covered with her germs!" he insisted.
I scoffed at this. "That makes no sense! Besides, you're related - whatever germs Ellie has you have, too."

Jeff thought about this for a second, then said, "Really? Because I'm not trying to be mean or anything, but I always thought we adopted her."

Bwah ha ha.

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