Monday, December 27, 2010

Just The Way You Are

Bruno Mars' "Just The Way You Are" was playing on the van radio a few days ago, and as I really like the song, I turned it up. Jefferson, in the back of the van, asked, "What's this song?" So I told him, at which point he said, "I want it on my list." (The list is the ever-expanding catalog of songs Jefferson thinks he's going to get his dad to burn to CD for him...) I chuckled and said "It's a great song! I love it, but it is all about this guy's feelings for a GIRL." I thought Jeff would immediately reject the song, seeing as girls are not on his radar right now - but instead he said, "I know, he's talking about 'her lips, her lips.'" I then noted that many women would love to feel like their boyfriends felt exactly the same as the song said about them.

Jeff thought for a second and said to me, "Dad feels that way about you!" I said, "Do you think so? I hope so." To which Jefferson replied, "Yes, he does. He just doesn't show it." This cracked me up. Although Jeff did amend it to say, "He kind of smiles when you come into the room."

For a kid who apparently has Asperger's, I found that remarkably astute. Not to mention a sweet thing to say.

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