Friday, March 19, 2010

"Do You Have A Teenage Daughter?"

Ellie and I headed to the Dayton Farmer's Market today on a quest for a dog bone shaped cookie cutter.  Here is the conversation that ensued at Kitchenwares and More:

Me: "Hiya! Do you have any dog bone shaped cookie cutters?"
Cute Young (Female) Clerk: "Why, yes, I happen to know that we do!"
Me, after selecting the cutter: "Oh, I'm so excited to find this. We're having a New Moon party tomorrow night, and I'm making Werewolve Bones."
Cute Young Clerk: "Really? Do you have a teenage daughter?"
Me, with a smirk: "Nope... I'm one of those, you know, Twi-Moms."
Cute Young Clerk, laughing: "Well, that's cool. So if you're making bones you must be on the side of the..."
Me, cutting her off: "Oh no. I'm for the vampire all the way. This is just equal representation."

Bwah ha ha! Yes, I am 38. And yes, I love the Twilight series and all that it entails. And NO, I do NOT have a teenage daughter (although I guess I'm old enough to, so I shouldn't take offense). But boy will Brett get a kick out of hearing he's not the only one who thinks it's only for teenage girls.

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  1. Ha ha! At least I know you're bringing the bones to our huge, mostly over-35 party! :)