Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Can You Hear Me Now?

Some time ago my son Jefferson was downstairs with his friend Sammy, playing Wii - which is quite typical on a weekend around here. What amused me was the following conversation:

Sammy: "Hey Jeff, do you want a cellphone?"
Jeff: *grunts as he focuses on game*
Sammy: "Jeff, don't you wanna cellphone? 'Cause I do, it would be cool!"
Jeff: *grunt*
Sammy: "I want a Blackberry. What kind of phone do you want?"
Jeff: "I want a Blueberry."

Sammy just said "There's no such thing as a Blueberry." Meanwhile, I was upstairs cracking up.

Oh Jeff... phone for you... it's your muffins calling!

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