Monday, April 26, 2010

Completely Baffled

This morning I went to Lowe's to find new toilet seats, vacuum bags, and, I hoped, a replacement for the thingy that sits in the sink and guards the garbage disposal. You know, the little webby black thing. Which is basically what I called it when I stopped to ask where the heck to find one (the plumbing aisles had revealed nothing).

Me: "I'm looking for the black thingy that sits in the sink, you know - the thingymabobber that keeps the big stuff out of the disposal? Do they make replacements for that webby black thingy?"
Lowe's Employee: "You mean the baffle?"
Me, perplexed: "It's called a baffle?"
Lowe's Employee: "Yup. Down there, aisle 35, with the garbage disposals. But I'll have to remember your terminology the next time someone asks."
Me: "You mean not everyone comes in asking for replacement thingymabobbers?"
Lowe's Employee: "You'd be surprised how many people do."
Me: "Well, thanks for telling me the thing's name, because it had definitely 'baffled' me (insert groan here)."
Lowe's Employee: *weak laugh*

Isn't he glad I didn't come back after picking up the baffle to express my joy at being completely "baffled" again?!?

Yes, I am weird and find humor in dumb places. Yes, I am O.K. with that. Even if it may baffle you.

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