Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl

This is the title of the current book I'm reading, written by Shauna Reid, an Australian woman who, at 350+ pounds, decided to lose weight. She chronicled her journey on a blog (, which I have yet to visit), which eventually she published as a book. I am loving it. LOVING IT. Not only is her story incredibly courageous, but she's funny as all heck and real.

Here's a quote I stumbled across this evening:

"You know what's funny about losing a stack of weight? Nothing really changes. All that happens is that you lose the thing upon which you used to hang all your neuroses. Fat has shape and substance; you can poke it with a stick. It's a scapegoat and a handy excuse. Once you start to lose it, you realize you're stuck with the same moronic core." - The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl, page 246.

Bummer. But also true.

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