Monday, February 15, 2010

Ah, Sweet Freedom

Today both kids went to school. We have had massive snow in Virginia, but even more massive are the number of days the kids got "off" due to weather conditions. Although I actually spent the time in which my daughter is at preschool doing preparations for Jefferson's school festival on Saturday, it was still nice to have some time sans kids.

Last night Brett and I got to go out on a date - our first real date since before Christmas. Since it was Valentine's Day, I knew I could count on extra snuggles with my husband (he puts up with it on major holidays). We ate at a steakhouse and saw "Dear John." All typical date stuff, low key, but so much fun. I'm grateful to my parents for hosting the kids overnight!

Not much else today - we've been 2 weeks without artificial stuff or preservatives in our food. I'm sure my margarita last night had some, though, and I know the M&M's and cookies my daughter ate at school today for V-Day had some, too. I hope Jeff can abstain this afternoon at school. Because once you start back on those sweets, it is so hard to stop! I feel very "cravy" today, so I may have to make us something sweet here at home to counter that - it's still junky food, but at least I control what ingredients go into it.

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